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Patient Pickles

“We can find the good in waiting.”

Sometimes the word patience can have a negative connotation to it; I guess it’s because it sounds a little bit like that evil word called, WAIT, dun, dun dunnn… well, at least that’s what I hear when I hear the words “ just be patient.” The person might as well say “Wait,” and if you’re really anxious for the outcome it sounds like, “wait for what feels like FOR-EVER”!

Let’s be honest; waiting is not always fun. But patience is a necessary tool in our everyday lives. Think about it. You have to wait at the doctor’s office, wait for your food at a restaurant, wait for the traffic light to turn green and wait for a love one to mature. Life has a lot to do with waiting and if waiting is a part of life we might as well get used to it and learn how to manage to wait well by using patience.

One dictionary defines patience as the capacity to accept, tolerate, delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. In short, patience is the process of waiting, but with a good attitude.

Why do we wait?

Have you heard of that saying, the world doesn’t revolve around you? I know, I know, it can sound a bit harsh, but it’s true! I think sometimes we can forget how much our lives are intertwined with other people’s lives. We just can’t always be first because there are billions of people who live on this earth. For example, when you are hungry waiting for that burger, there are other people hungry waiting for that burger too, when you’re sick at the doctor's office there are other sick people waiting to be seen too.


I like to think of waiting like a theater show. When we’re waiting, we only see what’s currently on stage. There might be three people performing but what we don’t see is what’s happening behind the curtains. There are a lot of people’s lives involved in that show! What I’m trying to say is, “sometimes we must wait because a decision affects other people’s lives not just ours.”

The Good in waiting

On the other hand, a lot of good can come out of waiting and being patient. Maybe that deal you’re working on ends up being the wrong one and since you were patient, you had enough time to process the deal better and realize it wasn’t a wise decision after all. Or maybe being patient caused your deal to sweeten. Or perhaps being patient gave time for a better job to come along and in retrospect, you’re so thankful for the wait. In short, sometimes waiting with a good attitude helps us to make wiser, healthier decisions. In essence, there is a lot of good that can come out of being patient.

I chose patient pickles because to get a nice sour or sweet pickle it has to go through a process of fermentation. It begins as a cucumber and over a period of time it becomes a delicious pickle. Like pickles, sometimes if we want the best outcome, we must be patient and if you love pickles it’s like the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.” Plus, having to be patient can make us more grateful for what we finally receive.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this recipe, please feel free to share your personal “We can find the good in waiting” recipe with me. Some of the best recipes are the ones that are passed down. Until next time, I'll Chef Ya Later!


Gracefully accept the wait

Be considerate and thoughtful of others ( there is something taking place behind your wait)

Patience can make you more grateful when you finally get what you desire

Special Note!

I haven’t perfected this recipe, but it gets better each time I make it!

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