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Bad Mood Food

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

" How To Prevent A Bad Mood"

Have you ever set out to have a beautiful lunch or dinner and enjoyed the meal immensely and then the next thing you know you’re waking up at 3:00 am with multiple uncontrollable visits to the bathroom? Well I have, I remember when I went on a trip as a child excited to visit my grandpa and on the way there I started to spew. I later learned that I had food poisoning, but at that time I couldn’t understand why all those things were coming out of me, I couldn’t figure out what I ate.

Unfortunately, I’ve had food poisoning two more times in my life and every time I remember having to trace back my steps and ask myself the same questions. What did I eat for breakfast? What did I eat for lunch? What did I eat for dinner? If you’ve ever had food poisoning, then I’m sure you can relate.

Well, I’ve realized that I’ve had to do some similar actions steps when I’ve had a bad mood. I call it, "bad mood food". This type of food is very poisonous.

Over the years, I have come to realize that if you eat too much negativity it can kill your attitude. By surrounding yourself with negative people, negative media, movies, music and books it can cause you to somewhat regurgitate a negative mood!

There are times when I've been in a really bad mood that I’ve literally had to trace my steps back and ask myself some serious questions. What did I watch? What did I listen too? Who did I talk too? What did I read? What has caused this disturbance in my life?

Now I do understand that a medical history causes some bad moods and my heart truly breaks for those who are experiencing that. However, may I suggest that not everyone experiences bad moods that are brought on by medical conditions. Some of it may be our daily choices. For example, when I had food poisoning, there was nothing medically wrong with me it was simply something that I ate that was poisonous.

If you are experiencing a bad mood, then you might want to ask yourself some of the same questions. Why am I sad, angry, or bitter? Then you might need to ask yourself what did I eat? You might find that although you may not have eaten bad food “You may have eaten a bad mood!”.

Yes, it is possible to eat a bad mood. Some people eat it every day and don’t understand why they are so bitter and angry. Here’s what I found that helps, stop eating it!

I chose "Bad Mood Food" as the recipe for today because I know that every human being experiences a bad mood every now and then. However, sometimes our bad moods have a direct correlation to what we've intentionally exposed ourselves too. Here's how we can help turn our bad moods into good ones.

Let's try feeding ourselves something healthy things like positive entertainment, encouraging books, and music. Let's try healthy friendships. Of course, there will be those times when things are not perfect, but if our friends are always full of negativity, then they may not be healthy friendships.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this recipe, please feel free to share your personal “How to prevent a bad mood.” recipe with me. Some of the best recipes are the ones that are past down. Until next time, I'll Chef Ya Later!


Eat encouragement (Find time every day to encourage yourself with positive affirmations, positive videos, a list of things you’re grateful for etc)

Get rid of toxicity (We can’t help who our co -workers or classmates are, but we can help who our friends are.

Opt out of negative entertainment ( Movies, music, books, and news that make you feel sad, depressed, angry, afraid or bitter afterward)

Say a prayer

Special Note:

I haven’t perfected this recipe, but it gets better and better each time I make it!

This week’s challenge:

Try being intentional about who you surround yourself with, what you watch, listen to and read. Feed yourself positivity this week and check your mood progress.

There are several news outlets that focus on broadcasting only positive news stories. Here's a news story that I found particularly special. Check it out!

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