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Doubting Donut

“Why we should let faith overcome our doubts.”

The other day I was wondering why donuts have holes, so I decided to do some research. Unfortunately, I found different answers, but most of my research showed that it’s because during the time donuts were invented the chef couldn’t get the middle as thoroughly cooked as the rest of the dough, so it was left out. So that was my answer, at least for now. However, I couldn’t help but allow my mind to continue to wonder and I started to think about how donuts are a great depiction of doubt. Let me explain.

Have you ever wanted to do something but doubted that it was possible? Maybe it was trying out for the cheer team at your school or applying for a management position. Or perhaps you had a new idea and thought to yourself, “ well this may not work because it’s never been done before.” Or better yet, have you ever doubted and decided to go for it and it failed? Maybe it even failed miserably, so you never tried again. Ugh, bummer! Well, to me the reason why we doubt is that there’s missing information. It’s like that hole in a donut.

Let’s just shout, “Doubt get out of my way”!

Today I want to share with you a few people who let faith overcome their doubt. Let’s start with Bethany Hamilton. Since she was a young girl, she dreamed of being a professional surfer. However, at the age of 13, she was bitten by a 14-foot tiger shark and lost her left arm. Bethany could have allowed doubt to keep her from her goals and dreams. However, a month after the attack she chose to continue to train later receiving her first national title and becoming a pro surfer. Bethany had many reasons to allow doubt to keep her from surfing again, doubts like, what if I get bit again or how can I ever go pro with only one arm. Yet, Instead of letting doubt tell her she would never go pro she chose faith.

There’s also Walt Disney. The man who could have allowed failed business and lack of education get in his way, but no, Walt had a dream, which lead to one of the largest empires in the world. Not to mention Disneyland. I mean who could live without the happiest place on earth! I love Walt’s movies, but I love his tenacity even more. Walt once said, “ First, think, second, dream, third, believe. And finally, dare”.

Lastly, there’s the great Thomas Edison known for being the most celebrated inventor but also known for making 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at the light bulb. I gotta tell ya, he had some incredible faith! I mean really, 1,000 times. Honestly, how many of you can say that you tried to go for (that thing ) a 1,000 times? Just think if Thomas would have let doubt overcome him. Thankfully he chose faith over doubt.

Well, I only named a few examples, but maybe you can name some more! If you’re feeling doubtful, perhaps you should take some time to think about the journeys of people who let faith overcome their doubts. Maybe that will encourage you because it definitely inspires me!

Hey, I could go on and one with stories but this blog would be way to long so I’ll just stop here, but I hope you got the point. Stop doubting!

I chose doubting donuts because the holes in donuts are like that missing information when we doubt. That’s why there's faith. It’s when you do something without having the end of the story. It's doing it despite the hole. We must remember that life is a journey and if we keep moving forward using faith, like a donut we just might have that sweet ending!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this recipe, please feel free to share your personal “Why we should let faith overcome our doubts,” recipe with me. Some of the best recipes are the ones that are passed down. Until next time, I'll Chef Ya Later!


Have faith ( Don’t be deceived by what your situation currently looks like)

Read encouraging stories to build your confidence

Ignore the naysayers (Don’t share your ideas, dreams with everyone. Use discernment)

Work hard ( Be diligent)

Say a prayer (that your dreams will come true)

Special Note!

I haven’t perfected this recipe, but it gets better each time I make it!

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