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Blissful Birthday Cake

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

" When You acknowledge Someones Birthday"

If today’s your birthday, then let me be one of many who say Happy Birthday! Woohoo, today is an extraordinary day because we get to celebrate your birth. The day that you were born into this world and guess what. YOU are very important!

Yes, you! You are important!

I love celebrating birthday’s because it ’s the one day in the entire year when you get to make that one person feel special. They could be a friend, relative, classmate, coworker; they can even be a stranger. Yes, your simple message of telling someone happy birthday can literally make someone’s day.

In my opinion, birthday ‘s are not just about parties, cake and ice cream although those are fun and delicious! They are about letting the birthday girl or boy know that you are happy that they are alive and are a part of your life. It’s a time when you can remind someone that you acknowledge their existence and you never know how important that is for that person. Some people feel invisible and your happy birthday is a reminder that you see them and you know that they are here on this earth.

Growing up birthdays were a big deal in my family. I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m such a birthday advocate, that childlike heart never left me. That's why I like to throw surprise parties and other birthday events for others. I really enjoy making people feel special. However, I must confess, there have been a few times In the past where I unintentionally forgot someone’s birthday and I felt horrible. Mainly because I can remember times when loved ones had forgotten mine and It really wasn't a great feeling. Somehow it can make you feel a little, well, forgotten.

That’s why I think it’s great that social media platforms like Facebook have birthday reminders. It can be a real challenge to keep track of everyone’s birthday, but thankfully you can always remember to share your birthday message and show someone that they matter with birthday reminders.

I recently celebrated my birthday and I’m so gratefully for the friends and family that made me feel loved with several birthday celebration dinners. However, one of my favorite memories this year didn't come from anyone I knew well. It was from a group of people I only knew for a few days when I was working at an event; these people gathered around and surprised me and sang the happy birthday song and it made me feel so special. It goes to show, a simple happy birthday goes a long way even from strangers. Hey, you could be that stranger for someone else!

Don’t forget about your birthday!

It’s okay to celebrate you too! Call me cheesy, but because I entered my birthday into various company’s birthday, inbox’s some years ago. I always get tons of free birthday promotions every year. I get free meals, gift cards and more sent to my inbox. I usually only use a few, and this year I didn’t have time to use any, but I must admit, it's pretty nice seeing those messages in my email. If you're curious, I've provided a link below for a list of places that offer free birthday promotions here in the states.

I chose Blissful Birthday Cake for today’s recipe because we all have the power to make someone’s birthday blissful. Even a stranger. So don’t forget to send that text message, email, ecard or gift card to show someone that you care. Of course, there's always those simple two words " Happy Birthday that could instantly warm someone's heart.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this recipe, please feel free to share your personal “When you celebrate someones birthday,” recipe with me. Some of the best recipes are the ones that are passed down. Until next time, I'll Chef Ya Later!


Tell a stranger happy birthday; you may be their only Happy Birthday they receive all day

Attend a loved one's birthday celebration, if only for a few minutes

Mark birthdays on your calendar or use reminders

Are you ready for some birthday delicious treats! Check out these links for free offers for your birthday. Two of my favorites are Pirates Dinner Adventure and Benihana’s so be sure to visit their website and check out their birthday offers! And Happy Birthday to you and your friends!

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